Our Story

"Anartline is a brand focused on the people and connected to the spirit of goodness in everyone through Art. An Avant-garde who is not afraid to experiment to make a difference and believes the power of creativity can bring positive changes around us." 

‘anartline’ is the trademark to the proprietorship of M/s Noorani Biswas. Our designer portfolio features a unique blend of innovation, craft and contemporary designs where aesthetics, enthuse, connect and utility are the key essence. Our products are for a customer with creative-mind, who wants individuality and uniqueness, unlike the masses. ‘anartline’ is a portal of discovery—a brush with what could be. A place for you to lose—and find—yourself within our aesthetic world.

Anartline.com offers a window opportunity to buy and download exclusive fashion prints and patterns, repeat in PSD, TIFF, EPS file format. We analyze fashion print and color forecast to develop our themes and print collections. Anartline prints are highly commercial and production friendly can be used in a variety of products,i.e, fashion, home furnishing, wallpapers, accessories, other decorative products.


Two souls from different academic backgrounds having art as their common passion; are the vision behind the anartline journey.

Noorani Biswas, graduated in 2009, from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Gandhinagar specialized in Fashion and Textile design. She started her career with an established export house and design studio for home furnishing and accessories. To create an art experience, she founded M/s Noorani Biswas in 2013. In moving towards understanding the fashion retail industry better, she joined one of India’s leading fashion retail and e-commerce company.

But, the emptiness—passion to unleash the artistic mind; eventually she quit her corporate job. To create an artistic brand focused on innovation of a unique and beautiful experience of art, textile and craftsmanship. She is the creative drive and design brain behind the brand.

Whilst Alam Afroz, an IT professional in Finance Sector, coined the brand name “anartline” with a progressive vision. He contributes through his eyes for perfection, photography skills, process oriented approach and technical acumen.


We explore various art techniques like 'Kalamkari', ‘Madhubani’, ‘Painted illustrations’, ‘Impressionism’, ‘Minimalism’, ‘Abstracts’— to create a fusion of Indian and global traditional artwork.

Our designs are first painted and conceptualized by hand artworks. These artworks are then translated through crafts and state of the art mediums into a modern tale of global culture and enthusiasm.

Together, we are on a mission to enlighten the world through the joy of surprisesthe beauty of artthe connection of culturesand the freedom of innovation.

anartline invites you to join in this unique and beautiful journey.



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