Sustainable fashion

Sustainable fashion

You must have come across the word sustainable fashion while surfing e-commerce websites or in product tag descriptions of your newly bought garment or product. Apparently, everyone is marketing their product as a sustainable product. You will also find sustainable products are often costlier than there commercial made counterparts. Customers who know about sustainable fashion are willing to pay that extra money to buy a sustainable product. Whereas other customers opt cost-effective products as they don’t know it. Neither they know how to identify a sustainable product.

What is Sustainable fashion?

Let us first understand what sustainable is? Sustainable is referring to a continuous process which supports a steady economic development without damaging the natural resources. Any process of production or development has a harmful effect on our soil, water, and air. For example, take your pink dupatta or the blue denim that you are wearing. The process of dyeing your single piece of denim emits out a lot of pollutants to water bodies. And if the dyes are chemical based then the impact is much more. As the dyes will not get decomposed easily and pollute the marine ecosystem.

This is just one example I gave which is a small portion of the garment manufacturing process in the fashion industry. Every step of growing cotton or rearing silk, spinning, dying, weaving, stitching contributes pollutants at various level. So, to summarize sustainable fashion is a way to minimize the harmful effects on natural resources and at the same time support the economic development of less privileged artisans, craftsmen, weavers working in lowest in the fashion supply chain.

Today’s 21st century is already aware of the alarming depletion environment and global warming due to overpopulation and other human activities exploiting our nature. All developed nations and our government are joining hands to make the situation better. We as an individual should take a stand to support the thin socio-economic and environmental balance. We as a conscious customer can make a responsible buy and start living a sustainable life.

What are the types of sustainable fashion product?

If you are looking for sustainable fashion product then keep three things in mind before making a purchase.

·       Buy handmade

Purchase products made by the hands of weavers, craftsman, artisan and not from commercial computerized machines. Buying from them as Fair Trade will benefit them, and you will get authentic products at a reasonable price. There are a lot of Indian traditionally produced crafted textiles which are beautiful and sustainable. I will give some examples. Khadi Made (Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of sustainable industry- hand spun and handloom woven); Ajrakh (Natural resist dyed block printed fabrics from Kutch); Kantha (Handstitched worn out cloth layers from Bihar and West Bengal); Hand-painted textiles of Kalamkari and traditional art forms of Madhubani, Pattachitra and Worli; Traditional block printed textiles and Regional hand embroideries across India; Handloom sector of India producing handwoven age-old traditional saris and home textiles. Sadly, most of them are unable to withstand the tough competition from commercial products.

Anartline explores these various crafts to spread awareness and bridge the gap between forgotten crafts with contemporary lifestyles. We are constantly involved in the product development of innovative derivations of these Arts and craft forms.

·       Buy natural and organic product

Choose natural and organic products to live sustainably. They are friendly to the user, maker as well as to the environment. All naturally occurring fibers like cotton, linen, silk are key elements of sustainable fashion. Organic products are referred to those items produced agriculturally without the use of harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides. There is standard certification of organic product from which you can identify genuine organic products. Anartline uses only skin-friendly cotton, pure Silk, modal (regenerated natural fiber) fabrics for garments

·       Reuse products

Always buy a product with longer usable lifespan and diverse usability. Call of this hour is not to use and through with the changing fashion but to create your own individualistic fashion style. Then you will see you never want to through away your favorite kurta till it's not wearable. Often, we had to reject our favorite bag because the rexine has become old and cracked. Lesser we through our used products lesser harm is caused to the environment.

Anartline has come up with a range of durable poly-satin fabric handbags, pouches, and wallets. We use textile suede fabric to replace PU rexine for handles which makes our bags durable, easy to maintain and washable.

·       Recycle Products

Buy products made of wastes, or old items. Anartline gives 100% effort in minimizing its waste. We give new shape, a new life to our factory wastes by patching small pieces and quilting them to make beautiful recycle products.

We sincerely hope you got a fair idea of sustainable fashion and sustainable living. Think responsibly of your surroundings, nature, and people when you click the buy bottom next time.


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