Russian Folk Art Inspired Print

Russian Folk Art Inspired Print

In my search of different global artforms, I came across traditionally rich Russian folk art, beautiful cross stitch hand embroidered textiles. These embroidered textiles were traditionally made by peasant women and customarily by girls for their wedding trousseau.

Very similar to Indian traditional customs of embroidering trousseau by young girls. This is still practiced in many tribal and rural communities in India. To name a few embroidered textiles in India meant for wedding trousseau are Phulkari, Kantha, Rabari embroidery, etc

Russian embroidery differs from embroideries of other countries due to its distinctive geometrical ornaments and geometrized forms of plants and animals – diamonds, motifs of a female figure, a bird, a tree or a blossoming bush, or a leopard with a raised paw – all these play a great role in Russian embroidery patterns.

A diamond, a circle, a rosette stands for the Sun as a symbol of warmth and life; a woman’s figure and a blossoming tree personify fertility, whereas a bird symbolizes the coming of spring

Man has always taken inspiration from nature and its surroundings. It won’t surprise you that use of bird, animals, flowers and tree motifs are common in every culture. The purpose of depicting a bird in Russian embroidery is no different than that of a bird painted in a Worli painting. The birds in these artforms only differ in shapes and color but give the same impression of nature, joy. And the symbolism of Tree of life is considered as the symbol of fertility, prosperity across the globe.

These similarities in culture and depiction in artforms fascinate me. Inspired by this beautiful Russian Embroidery, I created prints with an Indian touch to meet modern aesthetics. I found similarity in Russian embroidered birds to Indian national bird “peacock”. Also, the multicolor thread work was to intricate a beautiful that I used the texture on one of the wonders of the world “The Taj Mahal” artwork. Altogether I am very happy with the fusion of Russian folk art with Indian identities. The layouts were designed to enhance prints on bags and apparels. 

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