My love for Mandala

My love for Mandala

You must have heard the word “Mandala” quite often and seen it almost everywhere as a very popular design. A mandala design always makes my head turn whether I see it on a wall, mandala on someone’s garment, T-shirt or bags. Mandala design is indeed beautiful and captivating. It engages you in its intricate details of elements and mesmerises you, as your eyes glide through its layer to the outer circumference. A soothing and relaxing sight. I just love it. 

But do you know the significance of “Mandala”? 

It literary means circle or completion in Sanskrit. Originated from Hinduism and Buddhism is a culturally celebrated symbol of the wholeness of the Universe. The captivating beauty of in centric orientation of Mandala has deep spiritual meaning. It represents the life as we know it, and a larger ecosystem and universe that exceeds our consciousness.

Mandala design starts from a centre point symbolizing the smallest unit “atom or a cell”. Encircling the centre are levels or layers which symbolise various components built from the atom in a hierarchical order. These levels gradually comprising the whole universe and represent everything within it.

Being a printmaker, I always find it interesting to develop artworks on Mandala. I always end up making some new and different exploration while scribbling around a point in a centric manner. It is believed mandala art making is a great source of reflection in one’s soul. Creating a mandala art is a therapy and has a healing quality.

In 2013 I had developed a mandala pattern inspired from Indian floor decoration “Alpana” designs. It is one of the most successful design I have ever made to date. So far I have incorporated the mandala design into many products like tote bags, pouches, wallets, etc. Click on the link below to check out my mandala collection. I am sure I am not the only admirer of Mandala Design.

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